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Parts break... it's a fact of airsoft life. In my experience, Modify makes the best all-around parts. Systema is very good but expensive. If you're worried about the life of your mechbox, don't upgrade the FPS too much and get a sorbo pad for your cylinder head.

For the highest ROF:

1) Keep the spring relatively light. A lighter spring is easier for the motor to pull.
2) High speed gears and a high speed motor.
3) Lipo batteries (even without the above upgrades, Lipos can turn your gun into a beast).
Okay thanks, my spring is relatively light i assume, it shoots roughly 320 fps stock. Which come to think of it is great, i don't mind at all. Thanks for the advice, i'll look into lipo batteries, but i know they put a lot of stress on the guns mechbox. I'll also find parts that can control all the that power.
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