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I can't say for the rest of the players in my province, but I've lived in a few larger cities and I am liking the Canadian postal workers in Charlottetown.

The outlet where I drop off or pick up items is on a first-name basis with me, and the local people they hire* to deliver parcels are the first I've ever had who don't just either drop it on my apartment's doorstop or stuff it into a mailbox after folding it in half. They even show up on weekends or first-thing in the morning after civic holidays, if there was a processing backlog. I couldn't be happier.

Airsoft is an expensive hobby, so I sympathize when shit happens but unfortunately this comes with the territory. Like an airport baggage claim - you can expect that they won't lose your luggage, but that doesn't mean that they can't. Items pass through so many hands and depend on so many cogs in the system, each working at their best - it just doesn't seem realistic to be really shocked when service sucks once and a while.

The best thing I do when I buy airsoft stuff is also budget for insurance, unexpected fees, or possibly losing the sum of my entire order. If the price is too high after factoring all of that in, then I am a lot less likely to spend any money at all.

* It seems like most of the time, parcels are delivered by a seperate company that is contracted by Canada Post
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