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Hey Jet, I'll give you all the info I can from my 14 years of playing paintball indoors. Wide spaces. What I always find happens is that no one will go into the narrow corridoors in pb for fear of being lit up froma foot away with no where to go. Plus try to avoid long open corridoors as well. What generally happens it that the two sides stand still and just fire down these long alleys. The best example of what not to build is if you have ever been to Arnolds Paintball. They have too much cover in some places and the other half of the complex is open with nothing there.

The best inddor place I had ever went to was Paintball Laval. They had dimely lit tunnels under ground to get to most of the buildings. There was a central square room underground that had no lites except a strope light on a motion sensor. The best firefights always took place there.Also don't be afraid to make builings with multiple floors. Nothing better than to be ble to hold the high ground and fire down upon the other team.

And most importantly try to avoid making a "strong" side. By this I mean a side that everone wants to start on because its has too many advantages. A good example of this is the Bog map in COD4. If you are the opsfor and the other team isn't useless you loose.
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