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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
It makes a really big difference, and it is alot easier to clean up, they clean up once a week and you can't tell there was paint unless you look at the tops of the pillars and on the nets, all the bunkers are clean
I just spoke with someone from Hong Kong who's part of the whole P.Ball thing and from what they say, this kind of ammo far surpasses paintballs. I really appreciate your input, it may have just won me the fight against the city for funding!

I do apologize kind sir. I am not being sarcastic either, just trying to keep things light. I hope for the greater good of the area you do succeed in building something similar to that COD4 level. I will be one of the first there if you do. Its just incredibly expensive to do such a thing, but for all I know you could be loaded.
Good luck.

Yeah Mirabel is a fun place for airsoft I agree, but even that field has allot more than a hundred grand tied up. If you could build what Mirabel has, but make the "town" area bigger that would be tops! A field that incorporated moving vehicles would also be a great addition to the village setting.
Also some permanent pyro, as in a radar mast or cache that must be destroyed. Uses some form of pyro to simulate destruction of said objective.
I appreciate it man, but I am not "loaded"... just talented in finding funding. I'm 20 years old only, but I have been part of a couple K$ projects and they went brilliantly. The difference between those and this one is that this one will be personal. It'll happen, and as I said the initial funding won't be a huge problem. My main issue is to find a winning potion for this area.

What is it that you guys like about Mirabel?

By the way, the COD map is for the layout mostly. If you guys have ever played it, the angles and such are what makes this thing a beauty. It's rather big and yeah it'll be a bitch to get together, but it's definitely feasible if you've got the guts and the investors. I don't intend on putting every last bit of detail in there (round arches, etc) but some stuff is essential such as cars etc.

Keep the ideas coming guys, this is rich!

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