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I've been following this thread and I have found myself agreeing with some people on points and utterly flabberghasted by other peoples way of thinking.

That being said I found the last couple pages to be best of the whole topic, where it's been brought to light the game hosts responsibilities and the lack of hosts knowing what to do about issues or really knowing how to run a good solid game (milsim or skirmish).

I think if hosts knew what was expected of them and where taught how to deal with problems hosting an AS game can have. While setting and enforcing standards of play would do alot to curb alot of the issues people seem to be having with new players. If hosts set standards and kick out the f-tards that dont follow them, than either the 'tards will learn to play by the rules or they will leave. The ball is in their court at that point. They can choose to follow the rules and standards of play or they can leave. If they choose to smarten up great another responsible player for the community, if not than great one less social reject the community needs to deal with.

It's not the guns that are an issue, it's the quality of player that they are enabling to access the community. Now the community has to step up, respond to the changing AS enviroment and enforce the basic standards and rules of the sport.

People dont join a football/baseball/etc team and go to a game with out a team uniform,pads or helmet. People should'nt play AS with out a set of camo, boots, googles etc. Thats a standard that should be enforced at a game host level and accepted by players. Sure not every hockey player can or will buy a uber fiberglass hockey stick of doom (eq. Black high end AEG) some will buy a hockey stick they can afford or are willing to pay for ( half breed AEG) but they all have to follow the same game rules and wear the same level of basic equipment. Yes it's expensive, but ANY sport/hobby is.

Besides it's only as expensive as you make it. Go to a surplus store get some cheap OD's, used combat boots, webbing for around $150 throw in a paintball mask for what? $45? and your set to start out.

The AS community is a pretty self regulatory beast, so it's up to everyone to know the standards and rules. You don't want to follow them tough, they're called standards and rules for a reason.

Game hosts are the major point of enforcment for these rules. If a game host does'nt know the standards or enforce them than there will continue to be a problem with dumb ass players. But game hosts need to know HOW to run a game with as few problems to begin with. So I think having a Game hosting codex/bible/instruction manual will be a great boon to the community. Not only will it help new games hosts games, it will help to standardize and codifey the basic rules and standards the community expects everyone to follow.

I for one am really anxious to try and host a game, BUT I know that just because I can imagine how the game will go, it doesn't mean thats whats going to happen in reality. I don't know what makes a good game or how to avoid huge mistakes. So if/when you do make a game hosting guide Brian, I'll be one of the first inline to snag a copy.

Sorry for the long rambling rant, but i had alot of thoughts to put down. Just my $.02
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