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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
You will not be able to cover rent with only airsof tthough, so at least go for a setup that you can hose down at the end of the week. Fresh paint washes relatively easily, it's the year old crud that kill gear.
I do not intend on making it airsoft only. In fact, it is going to be primary paintball, with airsoft when things go slow. If you catch my drift.

Defcon paintball in Toronto uses a special kind of paint that dries to a powder in 24hrs, might want to look into that, makes a huge difference
That's very interesting. Does it actually work or is it crappy?

Originally Posted by Cheesevillage View Post
People will put up with a lot - if the price is right.
Very true. But what's your right price, that's a question I'm trying to answer.
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