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Talking Cbsa & me.

Hey everyone, I had ordered a lower mechbox for my ICS on the 3rd of August from a reputable US retailer(please don't post about the "dangers" of the US, its a lower mech-box not a gun). I was not expecting any trouble as I have ordered from them numerous times in the past. I had payed to have Global Express Shipping, witch should have guaranteed me two-three day delivery. Well the retailer sent me a tracking number that didnt work the first, second,third or fourth day, on the fifth day I called the USPS and inquired about my package. They did not have the T.number "in the system" and said to contact the sender and get a new one.

So emailed the retailer, who said he personally handed the package to the post man on the morning of the fifth, but "he would keep an eye on it" (whatever that means). So last night on the tenth of august the tracking number worked, said it was not shipped until the ninth of august, it had made it to Ottawa but was being held by customs..
No big deal I figured they would open it up see that it was exactly what was marked on the box and it would be on its way.

Well it got to me this morning, with a hitch..
Another 29 dollars was wanted, as I was not at home at the time I could not ask what this was all about or try to refuse paying. So it says the 29 dollars is a customs inspection charge. WTF is a customs inspection charge, I would expect this sneeky shit form UPS but not from Fed-Ex.
So it has now cost me more than double the price of the part, just to have it shipped to me. The Global Express Guaranteed shipping was almost worth as much as the part.

What I am asking is has any one else had this issue, and what way should I approach the situation. Should I ask for some type of reimbursement from the retailer, USPS or Fed-Ex?
I assume no on the later, as it was here on time if it left on the ninth.
Or should I get on all fours and let life corn-hole me? (please refrain from posting suggestions of the corn holing option).

Thanks for the help
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