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What needs to be present at your local airsoft field?


In the following months, it is possible that I will oversee the creation of an Paintball/Airsoft complex in Montreal, and I have come to people who play a lot to ask what is it that needs to be present at the field? What do you absolutely like or dislike about fields, and in your opinion, what separates good fields from do-not-approach fields?

Go ahead and pour your soul mates, I want to know everything. And everything is important, from preferences, to likes and dislikes, to everything in between.

I'd especially like to know what you would want to see in terms of infrastructures. Try to be realistic, I won't be create a multi-story megaplex here, but still! Whether you rather CQB or field, indoor or outdoors (and why?), if you'd like to see a small store, a cafeteria, and anything that comes to mind.

What was your most memorable place to play in and why? Go ahead, put it all out! I'm gonna take everything into account!

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