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Newb training newbs who then become hosts

Ok, I can see that trend happening:

"Newb training newbs who then become hosts"

THAT I have seen before.

Brian said:
some of the reasons we are dealing with issues regarding safety standards and behavior on the field is because people who are 3 months into the activity are Hosting games.. in some cases the "host" does not have a strong grip on standards .. and does not know how to address problems and tHey get out of hand.
Thank you Brian, I think you hit the nail on the head...I will go farther with
"There are no bad players, simply bad hosts"

Ok, not exactly true but the principle rings true"

I think the concept of helping hosts be better prepared is an EXCELLENT preventative measure to stopping in game idiocy, and the creation of dangerous situations to other players.

The REASON I like this is that I myself am guilty of 3 months in and then hosting (well...more like 9 months but winter dont count) and on reflection found myself reading a LOT of After Action Reports and initial game writeups to get a feel for HOW successful AS games are organized.

The info on how to be a good host is NOT easy to access, and certainly could be codified into a standard that new hosts can build on.

Again, other combat sports benifit GREATLY by documented standards for gameplay, event management, dispute settlement and Airsoft could as well.

Change has to happen at the top....not at the bottom, and as far as I can tell the current organization of AS is HOST>Player...with ASC trying to squeeze in somehow to assist.

Airsoft in canada right now is just a bunch of hosted games with hosts, and players, with occasional flashes of clubs in between provinces. No other structure exists. And while clubs TRY and provide some standards, nothing exists for the REAL head of AS, which is the game/field host.

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