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Originally Posted by HGI View Post
I don't think you could set a price on it since it would very from field to field, some field owners are more greedy than others. Thought it shouldn't cost anything, you shouldn't have to pay to be told how to play a sport.
Being taught how to play may involve actually playing the game, which may become something that costs money to owners/organizers.

I suggested this standardized training course a couple of pages back, and it would be great to do if people in each province took up the responsibility to do it. It's a matter of taking the mentoring principles to a much larger scale that become more public. This can help Airsoft as a whole, not just ASC.

However, a big issue in this idea is the whole self-appointed aspect of it. Why should you be the one who's teaching these people? I can see the whole "You may be an airsoft player, but I'm in a real army and I'm better than you" bullshit that would eventually be created simply because a large amount of people would want to contribute and that's simply not possible.

If this idea is to be a standardized one, it needs to be:
o Feasible
o Inexpensive of free
o Very short, so as not to create the undesired effect of actually pushing back interested recruits
A great way to evade the whole self-proclamation issue is to hold simple elections all over ASC. People with the experience and respect are bound to receive votes. And in time, more communities will be created and private coaching from one staff to an aspiring staff may be offered -- kind of like an officer course. You'd have to become a player certified by the ASC as able to give these "standard courses" (which of course, would have to be standard all over Canada).

As for the content, either ASC staff would have to put some time into that, or the whole community would have to contribute to a "course pack" which would later be voted on again by the community. If it passes, then a majority of players would agree that it is content that new people should learn, and this content would become standardized all over Canada -- that way everybody learns the same stuff, and there is no confusion or training scars.

By now, you must think "holy shit, it's a good idea but it's a big project!" Yes, but that's the price to pay if you don't want Airsoft to be restricted to private mentoring and vets-bitching-at-newbies scandals.
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