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Originally Posted by deep in the bush View Post
In really cold wx I change socks 2x a day when out on road.
@ OP:

If you didn't know Wx is a short form for weather. Used primarily in aviation (or at least thats the only place other than geography class where I've seen that term tossed around).

Seriously though it's not a big deal as Deep in the bush makes it. I wear light pants and a thin wind breaker in the winter but that's because it's Vancouver. In Alberta I just had my ski jacket, a toque, ski mitts, jeans (if really cold will opt for snow pants), and woolies (wool socks) over my feet in hiking boots rated for cold weather. In addition for a base layer you should consider polypropylene "underwear" (long johns and t-shirt), Under armour is the most widely known brand but you can easily go to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) and buy a set.

For ski gloves/mitts THESE are OK but THESE are better, I personally use the first kind but if it's really cold will opt for the second since your fingers are side by side and will keep you that much warmer.
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