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Originally Posted by SockMonkey View Post
I think the idea of a 4 hour MANDATORY Cert. course while well meaning is ridiculous. SNIP

I would like to see that a FIRST time player need to be at game say 30 min early to get some info crammed down their throat and safety gone over incase the brief is rushed.

I read alot of this comes from GTA/Ont, you may want to try out your cert coarse, but my suggestion would to try it on a volunteer basis with some new faces then once its all done get some feedback and bring it to discussion.

Not sure where this 4hour course thing came from...

30 minutes early for new players is a good idea.

I have already done intro-courses on a volunteer basis ,, been doing them for 4 years now.. Feedback is always positive.. and participants are appreciative.

it works. pretty much eliminates a lot of the first time player mistakes.. dispells misconceptions..and gives new players a solid foundation to start from.
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