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embrace the winter- its 6 months long

Winters are no scarier than being in the moutains of Peru. It gets dam cold there too.

Just remeber...layer layer layer.

I camp only in the winter (no bugs).

I keep mutilple boots for winter. Some light hikers for going into the city. some heavier (Solomons - rated for -45) for work. I also have a set of skidoo boots and a set of muckluks with rubber bottoms for snowshoeing.

The big thing is to stay dry. Dry means warmth.

In really cold wx I change socks 2x a day when out on road. I also keep a set of extra boots, mittens, and touque in my truck. I also have a emerg kit for cold weather kept in bag strapped in back. (blankets, fire starter, saw, etc)

I love winter. I used to live in Churchill and it was the best!!!
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