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Good point Brian,

I had not thought about that, we have a dedicated field the owner puts a lot of work on. So we have also done a lot of work on the safety and field rules. It had not occurred to me that someone would host games without doing the basics setting up a safe area and having a safety briefing.

Perhaps the simplest place to start would be to get a group of dedicated field owners to write up guide lines for hosting games. Including a basic safety briefing, so idea about FPS limits and engagement ranges etc. I say dedicated field owners as they have the most to lose from unsafe practices and stupidity.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Excellent post, thank you,

in my opinion... some of the reasons we are dealing with issues regarding safety standards and behavior on the field is because people who are 3 months into the activity are Hosting games.. in some cases the "host" does not have a strong grip on standards .. and does not know how to address problems and tHey get out of hand.

There are 2 possible approaches here...

1.regulate the players and educate and enforce up front.. as some have said , force players to jump thhrough hoops to get in.

2.Regulate the hosts and make sure people who are hosting games are capable and willing to do everything necessary.

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