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Originally Posted by zone 69 View Post
I think some giude lines need to be posted up as to what a game host responsibilitys are and what it means to host an airsoft game and why a game host is needed.

I feel alot of peeps just don't know how to host games properly or just was never tolled how to do so from the older players. At least that seems what happen here in k-town.

So the meaning of game host is lost here do the fact that no one knows what is expected of them.
the point exactly...

the "Vets" pull back.. go private .. and there is a vacume .. and people that don't know how to or what to do end up hosting..

Anyway... I think this thread has run its course..

Here is my take in general.

Some support for indoctrination of new players.. but not a critical mass to move forward- "serious indioctrination" should be left to teams and specific owners / hosts if they want to implement it.

pretty much universal support for more "new player days"

an acknowledgement that some people that are hosting games probably are not really ready to do so without some more guidance.

Clear recognition that shunning new players.. regardless of what they are armed with or geared like is a failing strategy ... because they are here and want to participate.. better to help than to hinder.

for me this is what I am going to do..

1. start up the ATQ1 course again and run it more regular.

2.Once I get FTF going again.. run 2 New player days a season.. one in May and another in August

3. Ill write a "guide to hosting AS games" manual and make it available to anyone who wants it.
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