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Originally Posted by shiftsup View Post
One thing I am doing to make new players more aware of what is expected is renting out an affordable package.

I offer to rent out a black gun aeg and gbb pistol package with multiple low cap mags for the AEG. I even supply the bb's and propane. All for less than the price of a case of beer.

This allows a new player to play skirmishes at the local field for $60 for the day or evening.

During the time I spend with the rental player I would mention safety and what's expected. Since the new player is using my table space to get bb's and propane I do have the chance to make game related conversation.

If the new player ends up being a jerk I simply won't re-rent to them.

I hardly make money off of this. Financially, it's basically a break even deal. I get to play for "free" and a new player gets to do more than run around with an AEG with a hi cap mag. And hopefully they learn something.
This is one person's approach and a good one.. not scaleable though.
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