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Originally Posted by Mr.Shiney View Post
But why not establish the standards before the games, that is the entire purpose of this thread. Simply to allow the standards to be established before New or Suspect Players get on the field.

Why not give the "Fucktard" a chance to learn how not to be a "Fucktard" before he gets on the field. Allow them to learn Safe Handling, Field Rules, Milsim Rules, Club Rules before they suit up and head out.

Regardless if it is 4 hours or 1 hour, it does not matter. Everyone here has missed the point. It is not about the colour of your AEG/GBB. It is not about the lenght of time the training session should be. It is not about Hard Core versus a pick up game.

It is about setting and maintaining a standard. To make sure that all new comers or persons who do not display proper behaviour are given a chance to learn how not to make the mistakes in a structured format.
We never used to do that, and didn't have problems. In the game threads the rules would be layed out, they'd be gone over again at the game before it started, end of story.

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