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I will personally not cave to the 'clear gun' thing. Hell I never caved to the plastic thing either; always avoided TM guns.

To me, the point of airsoft is to simulate reality with the guns as close as possible. I don't even like resorting to AEG`s really. And I despise highcaps.

Gear I'm not so concerned about. I rarely have proper attire but the guns are what matter. Anyone can dress up in the most hardcore gear but then go and play paintball. Same with using what is essecially a hopper for a magazine. If you aren't going to have it realistic with the guns, why bother? If it wasn't for the guns and the taboo that goes along with them, I might as well just go play paintball.

Let us not cave to using what really are complete toys with a bit of a dangerous property. Yeah, airsoft is exactly that. But at least the 'real' stuff you know....looks real. And I'm not really at all up in arms for painting clear plastic either. Bye bye realistic feels and finishes for the companies that care to try and imitate them too....

If clearsoft crap or even clear reciever stuff becomes the norm then I guess I'll be taking up real guns and stuff for hobby and collecting.

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