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The truth is.
We cannot get enough Black guns in the country for every one fasts enough.........
As a retailer that sells $400,000 of paintball junk I can’t believe how hard it is to get good Airsoft product.
Penalizing players that buy legally imported product seems, wrong. Don’t we want people that wish to ad bide by the rules?
What I like about Airsoft is that it is a man’s sport. men do not have much left.
It really is the man, not the gun. Forgot to underline man,,, There Man

Your all right in your own way's. Shinney has a great idea, maybe it's not a requirement to play every where. You should want to be Elite or at least you should want to strive to be.. An Air soft pal would make a player a bit more so. What a field or team requires is up to them.
Elitist isn't healthy in a growing sport... You can be proud to be part of the Elite

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