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Trade dispute: ylasfar.

Well, I didn't want to make this public, but I have been given no other option. I'm done being reasonable.

On July 29th, I posted a wanted ad for a Samson style rail for a VFC/Dboys AK74U. I was promptly contacted by Younes Lasflar, who said he had one in decent condition, but a screw wouldn't screw. I agreed to buy it because a screw isn't a problem.

Upon reception of the unit, I didn't notice anything. But, later, during an installation attempt, I noticed 4/5 of the screws do NOT screw in due to the inserts being destroyed or screws being stripped (3/4 of the side screws have issues screwing in ). Also, there are deep gashes located on the unit from previous, messy, removal attempts.

I contacted Younes to arrange a refund (140 of the $165 paid, shipping back on me). I found this extremely reasonable. He refused saying he does not offer refunds, despite KNOWINGLY selling me an unserviceable item... I was NOT warned about the extent of it's condition, and he made NO effort to list exact condition.

So, I am making a public plea for resolution. If it is not resolved in 24 hours (money refunded), I will take this to a new, and much more uncomfortable height. has been contacted.


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