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You know what, yea.
It doesn't have to be manditory - have it suggested.
Keep the whole test thing, as elaborate as one wants(Have it vary slightly). Although when it comes time for someone to host an event, they can choose; if someone wishes to attend, they must have had completed said process. If they have not, they will not be able to attend.

This is something that can potentially work. It leaves it open to everyone, there may still be games hosted where hosts don't require attendees to have completed this process, and there may be games where completion of this process is manditory.
Over time, theres a chance that'll take over and most if not all games will require players have been through the process. Except for newbie days, I suppose.
For anyone looking for age verification in the Windsor region: Unfortunately, I will only be verifying people at games, I am currently unable to run around and setup meetings.
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