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Originally Posted by D_WINTERS14 View Post
Listen i understand a lot of you guys are still probably pissed about my last thread, but i apologize for my immature behavior and would like to seek some advice. I just bought a G&G m4 rec from buyairsoft as a build up platform to upgrade. I shoots 320 fps, version 2 gearbox and was wondering, besides an m120 spring and metal bushings what else i would have to put in the gun so that it can tolerate the harder spring? My goal is for it to shoot aprox 425 fps
you shouldnt have posted this, a month ago i posted a thread about me owning a gun and me being underage so take it from personal experiance that in this case you should look up this on google because people hear wont help you if put minor and airsoft in the same sentance.

PS: im only 14 so im a minor aswell

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