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nope to a course

This talk about a 4 hour course that some guy thinks is valuable is just silly. This is a game, you may think it is more but it is just a game. ASC is not the be all and end all of Canada and does not speak for all of us.

A 4 hour course run by an organization that has issues with age verification, because lets face it it is done by volunteers, is meaningless. It simply restricts the influx of new players and strangles the sport.

This is not real steel firearms and we are not special forces operators.

Most certainly, proper weapons clearing before entering teh safe area shoudl be enforced and is at hour field, mag out, semi fire 3 or 4 shots to ensure the weapon is clear, mag in pocket gun on safe. Mags out of ggb's springers as per AEG. Everyone knows and follows the rules, older players and admin remind the new guys no course required.

Safe briefing prior to all games for everyone out side the setup area with no guns not mags. Once agian no course required.

We run a basic training once a year for the new guys to learn a little better tactics and movement, BUT they need to have played a few games to understand the value.

We also have days we make the game brutally lopsided, everyone against 5 to 7 older timers, when we run them around for a while due to better communications, movement and fire control they get the idea really fast.

Same thing no course, pass on the important stuff make your games interesting and the new guys will improve.

Point in case we had a game this last weekend with mostly newer players vs experienced players. The new guys representing a "Somali militia" on their own accord they decided, with the admins permission, to go with blue jeans, bright shirts, night shirts etc. Made for a fun day for those of us on the Spec ops team.

They had lots of problems to start but by the end of the day were functioning more like a team.

Cut these guys some slack, they will play somewhere whether you like it or not, so make it accessible keep the good and hope you do not get too many losers. So far in 6 years only 2 real tools, the rest either kept playing or moved on, which by the way is typical of the 17 to 22 or so age group.

You want a stable group get guys in their 30's or older, we just need to get out of the house.
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