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Originally Posted by HGI View Post

Hey pusangani, welcome to ASC, I know your somewhat new around here but a lot of people will be able to let you know how a few years ago it could take upto 3 to 6 month for a new member to get their AV status due to inactive verifiers in some areas of Canada.
buddy, what does that have to do with what I posted? the guy was complaining about having to get AV'd NOW, not "a few years ago" your post makes no sense

all your post was, was an attempt to belittle me with the "I know your somewhat new around here" bit, which is just pathetic.

I know you are in flame mode right now, but my post wasn't directed at you so chill the fuck out.

Originally Posted by HGI View Post

Find me a link to where it says playing in public parks with clear soft is a criminal offense in canada, cause believe it or not... it isn't.
I'm sorry I know you've been here a long time, and you might have missed this, but it is already common knowledge that discharging of airguns within city limits is a crime

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