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Originally Posted by IceTray View Post
So they get kicked off the field and go piss off other players elswhere? Great, now everyones pissed, because your solution is just kick them, instead of validating them before letting them on the field to begin with. The point isn't to just basically say "hey, go away." It's to do more than that, to stop these people from being able to be kicked from a game in the first place.

So they don't make it on your field cause they were retarded, think they're going to give up there? They'll just go piss off other people, probably at a park like the lazy ones who look at the requirements (written, practical) and say fuck that me and my buddies will just take our clearsoft to the park.

You guys are great at coming up with ideas but your not even bothering to have a look at your idea from a different angle.
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