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Originally Posted by HGI View Post
Well how do I know your not a reckless person? You and everyone would have to do the hoop jumping and they'd have to do it pretty fast cause a lot more members would just end up setting up another board and do their selling there.

To add if a admin/field owner/game host doesn't kick a reckless person off the field then there's something far more wrong than getting everyone to join the military for 4 hours before they can play a game.

I've seen a lot people kicked off a field or asked not to be there ext ext, it happens all the time.
So they get kicked off the field and go piss off other players elswhere? Great, now everyones pissed, because your solution is just kick them, instead of validating them before letting them on the field to begin with. The point isn't to just basically say "hey, go away." It's to do more than that, to stop these people from being able to be kicked from a game in the first place.

I'll jump through the damn "hoops" as you call it.
Validating users is fine. Age verification isn't cutting the crap anymore, so yea - they must attend a course, pass several written and practical examinations, and if required a probationary period. <- Agreed.
For anyone looking for age verification in the Windsor region: Unfortunately, I will only be verifying people at games, I am currently unable to run around and setup meetings.
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