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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post

Okay on a serious note.

FPS does not matter.
I can't agree more! I chronied my AK Saturday up at wasaga and she was shooting on average 250fps on .25's. roughly 270-280fps on .2's which is stock TM. the only upgrade is a madbull 229mm tightbore. I had many confirmed kills with her and she easily held her own even with some cross winds. I'm pretty confident I out ranged a few of the guns shooting at me too. Only one kill did I have to lob the BB's as he was near the limit of my range but was dug in tight to a bunker. When he popped out, I got him.

I, as well as several other people, have successfully games springers against AEG's and have gotten kills. it's not easy but can be done.

check out the Ontario events forum and visit a flag raiders game. you can get AV'd there plus you can check out the types of guns you can find in the classifieds

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