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if people are deamed elitist for wanting to own and talk about purely the all black guns, that's fine let them. given the choice I look for an all black "old school" gun first myself.

but yes I own a clear gun ... my friend has one of those clear crossman AKsu's that we painted. does he know it's 'crap'? yup... he got it to get onto the field he's saving his money and just running the gun till it dies.

I may be a newb too airsoft... but I'm definately not a newb to expensive 'toy' hobbies.. from Auto racing (rally, drag, autox) to Radio control (partial to boats). and in every single hobby I run into the exact same thing I'm seeing here... if you wish to be elitist.. oldschool... snobby.. whatever you wish to call it.. so be it.

hell right now I'm looking at a "crap" clear gun... why? cause it gives me a cheap body to gut and build up. yes I want to collect, I want a nice display of replicas to fondle in the basement after work ... but I also want to have FUN ... the POINT of these hobbies .. to have FUN. currently I play OUTDOORS with a shotgun and an AEP glock.. and I have a BLAST. yes I'm working on building an AEG but I still wanna get out in the meantime and PLAY.

now on the other point brought up... the players themselves, but if they can't get out to play (rentals aren't always available... ) how can you know of they are actually able to play or not.

I guess the point of my pointless ramble... is I agree.. but I disagree at the same time.
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