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This thread is a dead end, you guys are talking like making it harder to get a airsoft gun than it is to get real steal.

Originally Posted by Mr.Shiney
So the easiest way with new ASC members going forward, in order to get Age Verified, they must attend a course, past several written and practical examinations, and if required a probationary period.
Think about this for a second.... So in order for this EVERYONE on these boards would have their AV status removed and someone would have to be the "Canada's God of Airsoft" who is above every other person in Canada in order to plan this course and write this holy written test you speak of. Heck I don't know if your one of these noobs that everyone speaks of so you better dress up in this un-issued military prom dress, empty your wallet and jump threw hoops just to prove yourself worthy.

Originally Posted by Mr.Shiney
I am just wanting responsible ownership
Fair enough, but at the age of 18 your responsible for your own actions and what not, punishable by law.
Kids at 16 can do more damage driving a car than a kid with a toy bb gun,
A group of young adults can do more damage to Canada by voting with out even looking into who their voting for than a group of fuck tards with clear guns playing in a park.

Originally Posted by pusangani
Pain in the ass eh, what about the volunteer verifiers that take time out to help lazy people like you gain access to the guns, it's not a pain in the ass for them or is your time more valuable?
Hey pusangani, welcome to ASC, I know your somewhat new around here but a lot of people will be able to let you know how a few years ago it could take upto 3 to 6 month for a new member to get their AV status due to inactive verifiers in some areas of Canada.
Originally Posted by Lisa
Forums are a repository for info, not spoon feeding your sorry ass.

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