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If you want to collect the real steel you need to pay a bag of money take several courses and tests. And then you are regulated to death.

I am not saying I do not want you to own or collect or play with Airsoft Gear.

I am just wanting responsible ownership. People that fully understand the respect the gear deserves, the danger they can place themselves, people around them and the sport in. I do agree with Brian that more efforts need to be made to both formally and informally mentor and develop new players. That we as a community need to create, enforce and follow specific standards.

The best way to ensure people should be considered responsible is a course, you have to take one for Driving, Firearms and other positions of trust or responsibility. Why should this be like any other responsibility of ownership. Look at the UK with there system, when you have to register. Either you want a more open atomsphere, or you choose to stay semi underground.

If you want to be accepted with more legitimacy (regardless of legalities) you will need to accept that standards may be coming. We already Ban people on ASC or from specific events or venues. So we already have an informal set of standards. Lets just make them formal, so they are out in the open. Everyone must follow them.

Yes it will be a pain in the ass. SO WHAT Ultimately nothing will really change. But that the newer players will be better equiped, have more skills sooner and probably make for a better (safer) community.

As for getting AV'd a pain in the ass, what meet someone at an Airsoft Game, or Event or for Coffee?? Give me a break.

So HGI, any comments.

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