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Originally Posted by Mr.Shiney View Post
So the easiest way with new ASC members going forward, in order to get Age Verified, they must attend a course, past several written and practical examinations, and if required a probationary period.

Yes I do realize that sounds like a great deal. But if you truly want to stop bad behaviours, you need to train to reduce / eliminate them.

There is no such thing as an accident with a firearm.

The largest difficulty would be coming up with a common syllabus, common testing and scoring.

Thus if your AV status is refused, you know exactly why. You need to work on your safety skills. Why would you want to AV someone that is unsafe?

Thus probably creating a new below avatar tag of "Mentor" or "Trainer" or such, so those that are qualified to teach it can be found.
The community of ASC is big enough, that this shouldn't even be remotely hard to do. You figure there are people here who actually own their own field.
So I do entirely agree with Shiney's post.

I think its something that should definitely be looked into, and pushed to happen. If everyone is complaining about how new people are generally blinded when it comes to following rules and safety, then this is probably a better step to solving that problem.
Getting age verified shouldn't just be "Can I see your ID?" clearly that isn't going to cut it anymore with the mentality of some people.
I'm sure it can be worked out, and its probably something that will please the cranky old vets.
For anyone looking for age verification in the Windsor region: Unfortunately, I will only be verifying people at games, I am currently unable to run around and setup meetings.
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