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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

the whole point is to have a few hoops to jump through to exclude the people that could not be bothered to jump through them.. as it is very likely these same people would not be bothered with following the rules or respecting other players .. or taking the time to listen or learn..


Would it note be better to not have to issue warnings or kick idiots of the field ... if there were fewer idiots .. because we took some action to stop them from getting to the field in the first place?
This does sound like the crux of it. And when stated this way is hard to not see the point.

This sounds like (correct me if I am mistaken) a problem that happens in larger population centers, less so than smaller rural areas. I think that if I as a field owner / host in my smaller rural area, started REQUIRING a certification, the little bit of flow AS new folks that trickle in would instantly dry up.

I do suspect that Vancouver area has problems similiar to what is described at games in Toronto, and as someone who HAS played drop in combat sports in large pop centers, I hear you completly.

This does start to feel like the argument for gun registration...wherein the problems caused by 'idiots' in the city, induce rules that just don't fit for the rest of the province. (ie gang/crime problems means now I am (potentially) a criminal for keeping my 303 to protect my family against cougar/bear.)

With that fairly recent experiance (the ill fitting gun legislation) I would suggest that a one size fits all approach would be inappropriate.
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