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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
There is this kind of certification for Rock Climbing, you need to take a 1-2 hour class, they show you all the safety rules, normal procedures, how to operate a belayer, etc... and then, you need to come back and show them that you retained the information by climbing once and your partner does the same and, if you do all of it safely with no external help, you get a card. You can't climb without your card and it's a 1-time thing. There is no canadian law about that, the climbing centers just requires it for their insurances.
Funny, I actually volunteer at a rock climbing gym and have my belay card, your right but again you are wrong. Your actually not required at all what so ever to do anything you said, you can go into any climbing gym and bolder with out a harness or you can have someone with a belay status belay you but you can not belay another person.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Hmm... what about, rock climbing, sky diving, scuba diving, auto racing, Motorcycle racing, Target shooting

all of these sports have mandatory regulated indoctrination courses before you can do it.

Have you ever wondered why?
All of those sports, kept for rock climbing(cause you actually don't need to) but all the others you listed have a extreme high risk of death to yourself or to a bystander. Where airsoft, only minor injures occur and very unlikly dose someone actually lose a eye (to be honest in all my years in this sport I've never actually heard or read of someone losing a eye or dieing).

I know this is really off topic but Scuba diving actually dose not require a mandatory regulated indoctrination course unless it's below a certain depth, I've had a 20min sit down and got handed the gear and off we went in 15meters of water.

You guys are really going overbored with this, really, do 14 year olds that goto the paintball field for their birthday have to show up a few days before hand to take a course? The risk in airsoft vrs paintball are very similar if not paintball has a higher risk rate. If filtering out the complete idiots is what your trying to do then just let them show up then have the game admins issue them a warning or kick them off the field. No need to have people jump threw hoops just to play airsoft.

Just wanted to point out what Mikhail said,
There's no reason why a 15-20min safty/rules/risk meeting before any game shouldn't happen, heck I was a 1st aid attendant for the rigs up in northen alberta and every morning we would spend 30min going over what the risk were and so so and in my full 12 month of being there I handed out maybe 5 bandaids. If tailgate meetings are not happening before games then the field host or game admin isn't taking time or their job very seriously.
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Forums are a repository for info, not spoon feeding your sorry ass.

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