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Originally Posted by Ace12GA View Post
When I run a game I have a 5 to 10 minute safety lecture, and I spend another 5 to 10 minutes explaining rules. When there are new people I spend extra time with them and make sure they're on my team for the first couple of games so I can keep an eye on them. I play and act as ref during games, warning players, or even ejecting them. Granted I run games with 8 to 16 players, it still applies to larger games. I have had games where over half the players are new, and those days are more challenging, but its the same deal. I scare the safety into them, and brand the rules into them.


I'm speaking of only safety and game conduct here, not game play or tactics. Those latter are things you learn on your feet usually. Just to be clear.
Having run a different combat sport for many years, this sort of thing starts to come natural at any game I have run or hosted...unless everyone there is people I have played with in the past, the automatic 'safety and rules' speel turns on. And like you said its a 15-25 minute run down max.

And usually vets and other not-new folks hang out for it as well, and general don't begrudge the time. I think I helps to know that the rules WERE stated again at the beginning of the game, and to KNOW that everyone heard and understood. Heck, often they will chime in with confirmations, and help out with the speel.

I just came back from a tactical (real steel) shotgun shoot run by our local CF Ranger RI, and guess what...EVERYTIME he runs a tactical range, there is the weapons familiarization and training speech...and it takes 15 minutes for him, tops. And no body grumps at him for here it.

Even other CF Vets.
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