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Originally Posted by Duckman View Post
how many games have you been to that the host has the time to actually go over an attendance list? they shoudlnt have to. how many times have there been people not sign up and just show up? i'm not condemning those that just show up cus they cant commit simply because they just dont know until a few hours before if they can actually show or not but i woudlnt expect a host to have to resort to identifying everyone that shows up at a field. that'd be insane.

short of policing every persona at everygame i dont see how this would weed out the negative element other than booting them WHEN they get caught doing someting stupid. it'd be a never ending process for the hosts.
As hosts we should be doing a better job of knowing who is on the field and what their experience level is.. its in our best interest to know.

If you had to show ID when you register and this gets matched to the sign in sheet ... its not hard to confirm status.
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