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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
That's a bit of an overkill.

Very first person I shot in airsoft was a 4 round burst, 5' away, between the fence at old FR. I immediately realized my mistake and never did it again, without having to be booted off the field for it.

Everyone makes mistakes, we learn by making them. It's the chronic mistakes that people never learn from that are the problem.
that stuff happens on field. i understand that and i'm not suggesting that that sort of stuff be punished. you realized it in the moment. good for you. maturity, conscience...welcome attributes.

i mean the simple things like basic safety like BBD's and dry fire in no fire zones. and other examples of simple things are endless.

on field errors that can be correct with experience with a bit of help are fine. you're not gonna lose an eye like that. safe zone on the other hand should be enforced with extreme prejudice.

supermen and ktmt's that refuse to learn their lessons will end up having crankies and vets make them pay while on field. they'll be punished with loads and loads of continuous fire. that's just fun

you said it yourself...we use projectile weapons. everyone shoudl take them seriously.
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