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Originally Posted by Duckman View Post
but i'd suggest just a no strike rule at games. those nubs that excercise a laps in judgement get the boot and be done with it. no second chances. briefings are generally fairly clear and to the point. game postings are typically very clear in terms of safety and the expectations of those attending. comply or just dont go. it's that simple. put the nubs on notice. if EVERY host was particularly anal about this and showed no mercy than the fools will sort themselves out or just get the hell out or better yet...just not show and disappear from our midst.
That's a bit of an overkill.

Very first person I shot in airsoft was a 4 round burst, 5' away, between the fence at old FR. I immediately realized my mistake and never did it again, without having to be booted off the field for it.

Everyone makes mistakes, we learn by making them. It's the chronic mistakes that people never learn from that are the problem.
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