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as good of an idea that it is...and it is...this implies that all new people would WANT to learn and be spoken to an treated as a newbie. those that would show up to such an event would already have the interest and understanding that they are new and could use help. most would (at least should) have already spent hours and hours reading about stuff right here. i dont see those people as a pain in the ass but a welcome part of the community, already displaying intelligence and some common sense. great! the smart ones with good attitudes will get a crash course on safety and what not to do with expectations and supervision.

those would be tough guys that are growing up in the social worker generation without any real respect for ANYONE or anything, that think rules and expectations dont apply to them are the ones that wont show up simply because theyi're "too cool" to learn from seniors, vets and crankies. to those we'd (seniors, vets and crankies) could almost sound like we're preaching to them about things very foreign to them.

just this weekend at wasaga. keep in mind i'm using casual walk on type paintballers as an example. there was a group where i was playing and this bunch was maybe in their early 20's. these guys were all over the safe area, not just dry firing wtih plugs out but actually shooting at each other in the safe zone. these are the types of people that wont go anywhere near an organized newb day simply because they "cant be bothered" listening to anyone. these are the types of people...the ones that have to have something happen to THEMSELVES to actually take something seirously. they simply dont care.

as much as i dont mind and somewhat enjoy mentoring people that are willing to learn, i personally dont think that it's our job as "vets, seniors and crankies" to feel obligated to police these fools. i put my time in. i watched and observed and read and read and broke and fixed and spent zillions of dollars. i literally cant count the number of hours i've spent researching stuff...i jsut cant count that high! what makes the "ktmt" bunch so special that they have to be coddled, handheld and babysat? this is a a hobby that requires a certain level of maturity and alot of self discipline. some initiative adn indipendant learning doesnt hurt any either.

if it's to a vote than i say yes to newb days and highly respect those that are willing to give up their time and efforts to help those that want it.

but i'd suggest just a no strike rule at games. those nubs that excercise a laps in judgement get the boot and be done with it. no second chances. briefings are generally fairly clear and to the point. game postings are typically very clear in terms of safety and the expectations of those attending. comply or just dont go. it's that simple. put the nubs on notice. if EVERY host was particularly anal about this and showed no mercy than the fools will sort themselves out or just get the hell out or better yet...just not show and disappear from our midst.
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