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Originally Posted by HGI View Post
Required Indoctrination to skirmish Bahahahaha, go join the military if you guys want the real thing.

Maybe a BootCamp training thing requirement for attending a milsim like there already is but a Required Indoctrination to just play a skirmish! Highly dout it cause all of that can be explained in a 15min tailgate meeting at the start of the day if handled in a proper manner. Sounds like a field owner's dream excuse to make more money charging everyone a extra $50 and a day in a classroom before they can even play their 1st game, who know's if they'll even like the sport or not.

A 1st timer day is most that would happen, or require new people to show up 2 hours before game time giving you time to handle them 1 on 1 in person and go over everything.
so that's a nay vote then? no one asked for your opinion, just say yes or no.
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