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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
For the Rawdon field, I'd suggest having more water and or gatoraid. That place is HOT, even if it's rainning.

If you normally field a plate carrier, try to find something lighter and with more breathability.

Soldiers in Iraq get a few week to aclimatise to 40 celcius heat. You only get 30 minutes or less. Beleive me, you want to be light and cool.

Have what you need in a backpack that you can leave at your base or ammo dump. So when it's GAME OFF, you just have to bring a backpack and yourself to the main erea. If you went hardcore all day, you will love not to have to lug around a guncase and other heavy shit back to your car.

A folding camping chair is nice to have for after the game or whenever you decide to take a off field break.

Sunscreen and bugspray.

Leave your GBB at home. Or carry it in a ziplock bag. Definatly no dropleg holdster unless you like dismantling guns and cleaning them. Sand will get everywhere.

Don't forget your killrag (red flag) because walking back to respawn and getting lighted up by 50+ ambushs sux!

If you have a scope or binoculars, they will come handy.

Have a good breakfast before the game and begin hydratation before you go to bed before the game.

Know the sings of dehydratation and heat stroke. Drink untill you need to pee. Then drink more.
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