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ya live in ontario, not that bad, if your outside, urban bdu's ontop of a few hoodies, and some tall combat boots is good, I just wear winterboots, it doesnt really matter.

Ontario winters arent that bad, but here in Alberta, 3 minutes gonna die. were where the stereotypical canadian winter begins, then it streches north to nwt and east to saskachewan and manitoba
I'll see your Alberta winter and raise you a Winterpeg winter...

Nothing like -45 with a 40km/h wind with no trees to act as a windbreak over flat prairie soil....:wink:

But back on topic: Goretex boots with a decent amount of Thinsulate lining is what you need.
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That was a very bad move on your behalf. Sort of like cutting off your foot for money, but not getting the money first and then letting the person with the money run away.
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Liberals rely on emotion. Conservatives rely on evidence, and the Socialists rely on everyone else.
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