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Again, I do understand that we would prefer that people show up properly kitted out. My first AEG was all black, and I intentionally did not by clearsoft, just to get into the sport. I wanted what I wanted, and got exactly the AEG I wanted. This is my first season in Airsoft, but I have years of Paintball and Military Experience.

Yes, lower priced Can/Clear Soft will allow those who may not have been able to afford "Real" Airsoft gear.

However in some cases, it will provide an excellent starting point, for those committed players.

I am still in the process of collecting all my kit. Yes it is expensive and yes it does take time. And I will not by second rate gear. Buy cheap, buy twice and/or often.

As long as the person showing up has a drive to learn the correct rules and practices. That they take the time to show that they care about the sport and the follow the Normal Safe Handling Procedures. And that they are willing to purchase the gear needed. Let them play.

If they are willing to kit themselves over time, make a commitment to learn and develop their skills, and willing to admit and learn from mistakes.
Let them play.

If they over time prove themselves to be a douche - well BAN them.
If they cannot or will not operate in a safe manner - well BAN them.
If they are just to immature to be playing out there - well BAN them.
If they cannot/will not kit themselves out for your events - well BAN them

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