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I'll make a beer run when you get back and settled...provisions for the troops.

I'll bring my M79 blooper if you want to test that with the rockets.

A "backdoor sentry" kit would be great. If it fit a "standard" admin/general pouch that would be perfect. Flower petal unfolding box type thingy that can be clamped onto a door frame (or not if it's IR...but then you'd have to rig something to pull the pin).

I'm having trouble with rigging triplines off the std tornados...the pin is really held in there when the pressure is up. Don't want the "wire" to be too much of a tripping hazard to hurt someone running at full tilt though. Maybe spoon setups will be easier.

It's all good though...the only problem I'm having is explaining to the wifey why I need a G note worth of grenade stuff! LOL

OH>>> can you please make a shell (add on, replacement for existing or whatever) that's see-through and has spots for LED's/Batts? I WANT/NEED/MUST-HAVE a "tracer" grenade....


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