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It's taken enormous restraint from posting Homer-esque drooling gibberish since this thread came out...but...

WOW. This is just plain awesome. The guys are really liking the impact grenade. That will change game dynamics in a huge way.

Bounding mine is so-so (very cool, but we couldn't see using it), maybe a stand-alone indoor CQB trip-wire setup instead? Something that could be put in place quickly, set and then retrieved when we're displacing? IR-laser trip beam...

The 40mm shell is just cool. What's the range? Stable predictable flight...or more of a hail mary shot? Was it coincidence that it went off slightly after impact or is it an impact device? Would it be possible to get it to air-burst? the last CQB event it was so hot inside that 3-4 grenades cooked off. Plug was in, short timer setting...immediate "detonation" when pin was pulled. The one with the spoon set without the plug vented in Duckman's hands. I think that the only grenade that worked ok was the one set for long least gave Brian time to huck it before it went off! LOL

Also...took a couple of mine apart...figured out what you meant by being able to fill it really quick. Neat trick. Checking the alignment between the holes in the main body and the shell did the trick...they blow 100% (in a good way!).
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