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Well, seeing as how i'm technically still a "n00b", here goes;

My first game was an intense experience, anything more than paintball has ever produced(and a lot cleaner, too), and everyone there was quite awesome when they found out I was a new guy. Helping me out, quoting the rules, etc. We did have one or two players who stormed off(but it wasn't cause of me), but the rest who stayed were totally awesome. I was using my buddy's crappy TM M4(shooting 220, so it might as well have been a springer), and got laughed at a bit. But when the big guns broke(some did), I offered to lend them mine, and they used it .

I am in no way kitted out bigtime, but I have spent a good deal of money so far on this hobby, and more will be spent. But it's money i'm going to enjoy spending, because this is something I'm going to enjoy doing.

As for clearsoft; If you want to go to games with it, I say do it! Again, who cares if they laugh at you? When their guns break, and you would rather use your pistol, who do you think is the first person going to offer them their rifle? You. And who do you think will gain their respect? You. Also, who cares what kind of gun you have, as long as you're having fun doing this? I was planning on getting a Crossman shotty soon, i'm told it shoots quite hard for a gun under 60$.
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Scream = sniper. Stays still = very clever sniper
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