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I'm not even 18 yet and can't wait to turn 18 so I can get age verified and get some actually decent guns from here. Until then, I'll refrain from games and stay inside my house. I have all the blinds down and practice shooting my spray-painted springer pistols going through thousands of rounds a month. I don't have access to anything higher and I am now quite responsible about my was-clearsoft pistols. I don't wave them around in public, and don't take them out of the house at all. Even if I did have an AEG-clearsoft from Canadian tire and got permission from my parents to attend a game, I don't think I would exactly be welcomed either. Of course I wouldn't show up with a baseball cap, sneakers and a pair of jeans. I'd go to an army surplus store and get myself some military fatigues, my cadet books and maybe webbings. I'd have a feeling that I'd still be looked down upon even if I krylon'ed my clearsoft. Looking at some of the posts here guarantee that and I don't think I'd want to be around some of the people here. I think I am a rather responsible clearsoft/were-clearsoft owner but I don't have the type of money to be throwing around $1000 on a gun (not toy) when I am still in high school.
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