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When I lived in Toronto-stan, my co-workers used to shudder when I told them how cold it gets. I was home for Christmas one year in Peace River, and when one of the boys called home and asked my mother how cold it was (-58C, no wind), he was awed in the extreme.

But I noticed that with the high humidity in Toronto and frequent wind, I would take -50 in Northern Alberta over -15 in Toronto anyday. But the snow here stays, all winter. I had 7-8' in my front yard in 2006/07, some people had 10'+ with drifting/plowed snow.

Cold is fine, as long as you don't get square tires, and your block heater works. 4X4 is nice too, I won't live without it anymore.

I don't play in the winter, I spend enough time outdoors.
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