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I usually don't mind noob who ask question but there is one who ask me some question by PM. I answer all his question but before I answer them, I just said that you don't do enough research and I feel good today.

I try my best to answer his question and so far so good, he reply back with common word fuck yeah ! fuck yes ! fuck what. It's really piss me off. I didn't include any word of in my reply PM so why should I get back those word.

So far, I reply fuck you asshole, try to educate yourself and learn to use polite world to person who answer your question.

So because of I'm kind enough to answer them I got back 1 page full of shiT reply back to me that because of me, the sport will be ruin down, blah blah. He said he is old enough blah blah to use his own shiT to buy his shiT, not like me use my parents money, blah blah said to me fuck head, your gears suck that's why your team ask you to change gears.

I just like WTF ! that's what I got from answer people's question.

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