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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
This is so true. When I first started playing airsoft lowcaps/midcaps were the norm. In fact, most games didn't even allow hicaps. It was "if you don't have anything but, ask to borrow some magazines".

However, the last few games I've been to it's been getting more and more difficult to compete simply for the reason that more and more people are using hi-caps. In one game I played recently some opponents went through multiple hi-caps in a short skirmish -you can't compete with that using lowcaps. And the "hi-caps are OK if you use short controlled bursts" attitude is bullshit. Short controlled bursts are just as bad as full auto when you can do 30 of them in quick succession and anyone not using hi-caps can only do five or six. It's a complete bitch when you carry 300 rounds in six magazines and some opponents carry 300 rounds in each of their six hi-caps. And a note, most of these people aren't n00bs. They're people who have been playing for several years at least.

I don't know.. maybe I should be looking more at playing milsim instead of skirmishing. There used to be skirmish games that enforced ammo loadouts and camo requirements. It seems more and more the only games that do that are hardcore milsim events. Sad.

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
having camo restrictions and no hi-caps shouldn't be just a milsim thing, I've been to alot of non milsim games that had these in place, but then again I've been to alot that didn't, game hosts need to be braver when posting their threads, I know it's hard when trying to get the numbers, but when it becomes the standard, then everyone will start showing up better equipped.

Basically if midcaps/lowcaps etc. was the norm, then everyone would need to have a proper rig to carry them, if a certain host wants to allow hicaps, then he should make it known in his game thread, that way people who are better equipped will know what to expect when they show up at the game and won't feel bitter about having to play with KTMT's

just a thought...

i'm sure there's other quotes i'm missing so please dont think i'm singling anyone out.

when i started playing i made the choice of using low caps. the guys i started playing with would all look at me funny and laugh saying how they'd some get me with 9000000000rds while i was reloading. i have NEVER been shot while reloading in my 10 years of playing. it doesnt matter if there's a nub standing in the open with a zillion round siutcase attached to his gun. that doesnt define skill. but that's not the ponit of this thread.

i dont have an issue with nubs that have a semblance of humility and respect for the game, players, hosts, property and the property owners. my issue isnt with the clear/smoke/white/pink/superdeformed/mightymug guns at all. if i come across as an elitist than so be it. back then you had to be serious about what you were getting into not because i'm a elite special forces wanabe. but because it was such a commitment to do properly that you had to respect it. i love this hobby of mine. 10 years and 5 digits later i'm still playing and like so many of the other cranky old timers have watched alot of stuff happen over the years.

part of the appeal of this hobby was that it wasnt something that the vast majority of "skater" type attitude shitheads could go to their ignorant soccermoms for. all those hippies would never allow it...."OMG THOSE THINGS LOOK SO REAL!!!! LITTLE BILLY HALFPIPE, YOU WILL NEVER GET INTO THAT!" i loved that fact. anyone that's played at a paintball field has little tales of how in shock and awe that's displayed on the faces of so many that arent airsofters. i've walked by younger people and they've though we were special forces training...ahahhah...but the soccermoms look, almost without exception, appauled at what we're carrying. this was the case in the 80's when paintballs popularity was ramping up to the public. the soccermoms all got in an uproar about how real they were and dangerous they were etc etc etce etc. that's when the majority of the realism was stripped away from paintball and evolved into the bright coloured plumbing and 1 million candle power clothes and equipment that we associate to speedball and stuff today. in my opinion we dont have that option.

the advent of the clear/smoke stuff has given the piss pour attitude filled, undisiplined shithead ammo against teh soccermoms to get it for them. it's those same fools that go around with live guns in safe zones and no fire zones.

has this stuff contributed to growth? yes. will it contribute to positive growth? i'll believe it when i see it.

many of us are old enough to have witnessed the oppression of paintball by the soccermoms much like explosions beat up the shuttle program so i'm gonna have to ask that, at least on my part, you all forgive those of us that are coming across as elitists and snobs and cranky old farts but i cringe at the thought of a hobby to which i've invested so much of my time, effort and money into might possibly go the way of the counterstrike shit talker crowd.

i'm like many others that are willing to help the positive, well intended, unselfish people with potential at a game or whatever venue there might be off the field. i actually enjoy the look of appreciation on the faces of those that genuinly listen and have a great attitude the whole time that we're talking. the cyber tough guys and shit talkers and supermen and what have you on the other hand...i cant even look at guys like that. and that is what the lower priced clear/smoke/KTMT's can/will/is brigning into the community.

as far as being "properly equipped" goes. do it right the first time. if you cant afford it right away than wait. i'm as poor and ghetto as the next starving student but if i cant afford the better stuff than i'll wait until i can.

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