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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
+1 I was going to start a post about lipo and hicaps turning airsoft into speedball but someone beat me to it.
This is so true. When I first started playing airsoft lowcaps/midcaps were the norm. In fact, most games didn't even allow hicaps. It was "if you don't have anything but, ask to borrow some magazines".

However, the last few games I've been to it's been getting more and more difficult to compete simply for the reason that more and more people are using hi-caps. In one game I played recently some opponents went through multiple hi-caps in a short skirmish -you can't compete with that using lowcaps. And the "hi-caps are OK if you use short controlled bursts" attitude is bullshit. Short controlled bursts are just as bad as full auto when you can do 30 of them in quick succession and anyone not using hi-caps can only do five or six. It's a complete bitch when you carry 300 rounds in six magazines and some opponents carry 300 rounds in each of their six hi-caps. And a note, most of these people aren't n00bs. They're people who have been playing for several years at least.

I don't know.. maybe I should be looking more at playing milsim instead of skirmishing. There used to be skirmish games that enforced ammo loadouts and camo requirements. It seems more and more the only games that do that are hardcore milsim events. Sad.


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